Right infront of our eyes

1 11 2007

It’s official… I’ve gone corporate. I woke up this morning in Columbus, drove to Athens for five hours of class (and a half our meeting with my banker… can anyone spare some change?) and now I find myself sitting in the on the eighth floor of the Marriott Hotel in St. Louis, Mo.  I’ve heard it was a bad thing to be working for “the man,” but when that man is Bob Evans, I feel alright about it…

On my flight it, I was discussing with Mike, (my supervisor) different ideas on how to utilize new media at Bob’s.  I’m  managing two blogs for us now, one for employees and another to let people know about new store opening (look out Marysville), but of course we’re always looking at new strategies.

I asked Mike what he knew about facebook, and he said he all he knows is basically what his high school/middle school daughters  do on it; check friends profiles, message, post pictures, things like that.

When I started thinking about that, I realized that many my age are still using it for that base level as well.  Now there is nothing wrong with that, don’t get me wrong, it’s essentially it’s purpose.  However, we have not crossed the boundary yet of expanding our social networking capabilities outside of stalking friends and not-so good friends.  We’re allegedly the one’s pushing the envelope to this brave new world, but in my collegiate experience, I really never came across such sites like twitter, technorati, del.icio.us or flickr.

Jeremy Pepper made mention of how Auburn is starting to teach classes on the subject.  I hope for Scripps sake we’ll catch on… quickly

In college, the world can seem small, especially in a town like Athens.  You throw facebook in the mix, and it seems we just need to look out the window to see our neighbors from across the country.  However the growing reality that I’m coming to is outside of the University bubble, the world is more vast than I could ever imagine, and that I need to use every thing possible to be heard.




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2 11 2007
Jeremy Pepper

OMG – you’re interning at Bob Evans. That’s such a childhood memory for me, driving by the restaurant in Detroit, and the smell of sausage.

Plus, I miss him from the commercials. He was Dave Thomas before Dave Thomas was Dave Thomas in the Wendy’s commercial.

Auburn via Robert French has been very forward thinking, and UGA is teaching a class just on the subject of social media.

The truth is that a lot of people may be using social networks and tools in their regular life, but it’s about taking what you are doing (and loving) and applying it for clients. Can you create a Bob Evans group in FB, or can you put together a virtual Bob Evans sausage and have it as one of the FB gifts? What can be done in social networks that respects the communities there already, but still engages them and lets them know what you are doing.

I’m sure there are Bob Evans fans out there. Check out Ning, or on Facebook Groups.

In a way, that’s what I’m doing right now for my new gig – The Point (www.thepoint.com). It’s about being members of different communities, letting them know about my new gig and how our site works with their communities, to get things done.

Best of luck, and thanks for reading!

2 11 2007

First of all, let me just say that I will never believe that you have truly “gone corporate.” Even when you feel at your most corporate, remember not to get too caught up in it!
Secondly, I really enjoy your quote “the world is more vast than I could ever imagine, and that I need to use every thing possible to be heard.” Quite a reflection, Aaron Baer!

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